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Music, graphics, multimedia, community - this is the world of Navisto, the creative side of Martin Naef.

Navisto is about music. Back home in the studio, following a process of improvisation and jamming that feeds into traditional production, new music emerges. Martin plays synthesizers and electronic drums, but he is mostly a sound engineer and studio technician. Since becoming a daddy, composition has taken the back seat in favor of recording, mixing and mastering for others.

Navisto is about graphics. As a side product of research in the field of virtual reality, images and 3D models are generated that deserve to be presented outside the confined area of the blue-c portals.

Navisto is about community. The Zurich Music Bar Jam 2003 generated not only music, but also images and - first and foremost - a wonderful community feeling. The idea was kept alive in the M@stock jam session in New Jersey, the Zurich Bar Jam 2004 and the Malta 2004 sessions, and many more!

Please enjoy the world of Navisto.
- Martin